We Have Chairs Open for Professional Makeup Artists in Carmel, CA!

We Have Chairs Open for Professional Makeup Artists in Carmel, CA!

September 5, 2019

Being a makeup artist is about so much more than just applying products—it’s about helping clients look and feel absolutely beautiful, whether they are getting ready for a big event or simply need a confidence boost on a regular day. The best makeup artists feel privileged to help their clients, but no matter how talented you are as an artist, you won’t be able to generate interest from potential customers unless you have the space you need to work with them. At TOUCHÉ, we currently have chairs open for professional makeup artists in Carmel, CA who are looking for a fantastic work environment in a great location:

  • Professional space: At TOUCHÉ, we pride ourselves on maintaining a beautiful space where makeup artists can work freely. We think about the experience of our clients and our artists from start to finish, down to the very last detail. You will have space for your tools, comfortable seating for your clients, beautiful lighting to work with and a selection of new products within arm’s reach.
  • Central location: We are located in the Barnyard Shopping Center, a central location with great visibility. This makes it easy for local clients to find the space so that you can get to work. In between clients, you can enjoy shopping or dining opportunities at nearby retailers and restaurants.
  • Opportunity for collaboration: Whether you’ve been working in makeup for decades or you’re just starting out in the field, there’s something amazing about the collaboration between the makeup artists that share our space. Our artists are here to get better, and we encourage artists to talk to each other and discuss new techniques, tools and products that they can use to provide the best possible service to their clients.
  • Flexibility: Makeup artists often have sporadic schedules that can vary greatly from day to day or week to week, and we accommodate flexible scheduling needs here at TOUCHÉ. Our easy-to-use scheduling platform allows you to select the days and times when you need space. This allows you to make appointments quickly and easily without worrying about a complicated scheduling process.
  • Affordable rates: As a makeup artist, you have a lot of expenses that you have to juggle, from products to tools. We strive to offer fantastic accommodations at affordable prices that our makeup artists can manage. By renting only on the days and times that you need space, you can save money on renting space on a monthly basis. Contact us to find out more about pricing and all of the different amenities and resources that we offer to our makeup artists.

Become a professional makeup artist in Carmel, CA

If you’re interested in learning more about renting a space at TOUCHÉ, or you would like to tour our location for yourself, just give us a call! We would be happy to answer all of your questions and show you around. We also offer an easy-to-use online scheduling tool so that you can reserve your space whenever you need it, even if your schedule changes.

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