How Anti-Aging Creams Work

How Anti-Aging Creams Work

December 7, 2019

Anti-aging products are a big draw in Carmel, CA—but do they actually work? And if they do, how do they work? You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder if their claims of youthful skin and rejuvenation are truthful.

Our longtime client Rebecca Touché raves about the anti-aging creams we sell, saying, “My skin has never looked better! When you pick the right product with the help of the experts at TOUCHÉ, the difference is amazing. I’ve never had results like this with anything else I’ve tried.”

How they work

Over-the-counter anti-aging creams aren’t subject to FTC regulations, so there’s no scientific research required to prove what they can or cannot do. However, it’s key to note that even the most basic moisturization will improve your skin, because it plumps the cells and makes lines and wrinkles less obvious.

Anti-aging products are usually moisturizers with some added benefits, like retinoids, vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids. These components are meant to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while repairing skin tone and texture. Depending on your particular skin tone and needs, certain products will resonate better than others.

Retinoids act to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, whereas vitamin C protects from free radicals. These are unstable oxygen molecules that break down the skin and cause wrinkles. Finally, alpha-hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells, which prepares your skin for receiving the benefits of other anti-aging products.

How do I choose?

When you visit TOUCHÉ, we’ll help you pick the right anti-aging products in Carmel, CA for your specific skincare needs—but here is an overview of what to look for.

Retinol is for wrinkle reversal—the hefty dose of vitamin A increases cell turnover, fights discoloration and builds collagen, all of which make your complexion brighter and smoother.

Products with antioxidants protect the key protein structures of your skin while also preventing further degradation. These are best for those who aren’t quite seeing the signs of aging yet—but know that it’s coming.

Finally, to complement both of these active ingredients, you’re going to need to moisturize. Hyaluronic acid holds up to a thousand times its weight in water, which does a lot for making sure your skin is moisturized—and as we mentioned, moisturized skin is healthy, plump, wrinkle-free skin.

Not every product will be right for you, but when you have questions, count on the team at TOUCHÉ to know the answers! We can’t wait to help you look and feel your best.

Find high-quality anti-aging products in Carmel, CA

Skin care is important, no matter who you are or what kind of skin you have. At TOUCHÉ, we understand the importance of proper skin care, which starts with quality products. We carry a broad range of solutions that are safe, gentle and nourishing, so you can restore a healthy, smooth, radiant glow to your complexion. Stop by or make an appointment today for personalized care with our skin care experts. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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