The Pros of Renting a Chair at TOUCHÉ

The Pros of Renting a Chair at TOUCHÉ

February 21, 2020

Want to be your own boss in Carmel, CA? As a makeup artist, the perfect opportunity awaits. Salon chair rental is the ideal solution to gain your independence and launch your entrepreneurial spirit.

Not sure if this is the right choice for you and your career? Salon chair rental in Carmel, CA offers a host of benefits. Check out the following advantages you’ll enjoy if you choose to rent a chair at TOUCHÉ.


As a chair renter, you are considered an independent contractor. Legally, this means you get to be in control of your own business. Many obligations that might limit regular employees do not apply to you. This includes the services you offer. You can focus on hair, skin or other services. It’s up to you. This also applies to the products you offer. Since you are not limited to a certain product line, as some salon employees are, you can recommend the perfect products for your clients.


Don’t like the nine-to-five life? No problem. Salon chair rental in Carmel, CA allows you to set your own schedule. Show up at times that work best for you and your clients. When you get to be your own boss in Carmel, CA, you get to decide what hours you’re open. Take a break when you want to take one. Schedule a day off when you need one. Salon chair rental gives you the flexibility you want to easily manage your responsibilities of work and home.


Salon chair rental in Carmel, CA allows you to earn as much as you want. You’re not limited to the number of clients who walk through the door or are given to you by an employer. You also don’t have to limit your rates to a set company policy. You work out your rates with your own clients. As you gain experience or higher-end clientele, you can also increase your rates. This means your earning potential is nearly limitless.


As you work with clients, you’re building a reputation for yourself. You’re not trying to build up someone else’s brand. You are working for yourself, serving your own clients. You can establish yourself in the industry, so your reputation continues to grow, along with your client list. This is extremely helpful to your future as an artist, especially if your ongoing goal is to be your own boss in Carmel, CA.

Reap the benefits

To find out more about salon chair rental in Carmel, CA, contact the team at TOUCHÉ. Founded in 2016, we are known for our relaxed environment where artists can rent out space to practice their craft and provide clients with professionally applied makeup. We also sell an extensive range of beauty and makeup products for both men and women, including moisturizers, cleansers, eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, brushes and lipsticks. Whether you’re a practicing artist or just need some help getting ready for your next event, TOUCHÉ can help. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about how to rent a chair!

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