Try Société's Calming Relief Balm to Soothe Your Winter Skin Woes

Try Société’s Calming Relief Balm to Soothe Your Winter Skin Woes

February 7, 2020

Cold weather isn’t kind to our skin. When winter sets in, our bodies start to crave the moisture of warmer temperatures and hot, humid summer days. If you need winter skin relief, here’s one of the top sensitive skin products in Carmel, CA available today. When winter starts to get the best of your skin, simply stock up on Société’s Calming Relief Balm. Here’s how it works.

Benefits of Société’s Calming Relief Balm

This top product for winter skin relief in Carmel, CA offers a full range of benefits for your skin, including:

  • Inflammation relief: The unique combination of ingredients contained in this balm offers soothing effects for inflammation. When cooler temperatures start to agitate your joints, this balm can bring relief.
  • Irritation relief: If your skin gets irritated due to lack of moisture in the winter, apply this product. It can also help with irritation due to other issues, such as frequent washing or rosacea.
  • Redness relief: Whether you’ve been out in the cold or spent the day scrubbing dishes, your hands may suffer from redness. Your cheeks or other areas of the body may also appear redder than you’d like. This soothing balm can help reduce the appearance of redness and restore an attractive natural look to your skin.
  • Dryness relief: When skin gets too dry, it gets flaky, itchy and unattractive. Applying this soothing balm aids in eliminating dryness and flakiness.
  • Sensitivity relief: As the name implies, this calming relief balm soothes tenderness and sensitivity. If your skin is easily damaged or injured, this balm is the ideal product for you.

How to use Société’s Calming Relief Balm

This product can be helpful for all skin types, but it is particularly ideal for sensitive skin and rosacea sufferers.

To get the most out of this sensitive skin product in Carmel, CA, apply it to the affected area three to four times each day, as directed by your medical professional. If you have sensitive, reddened or rosacea-affected skin, apply the balm to the affected area twice each day, morning and night.

Used regularly, the balm helps reduce problematic skin conditions. It’s also great for recovery after skin treatments and laser procedures.


The unique combination of ingredients in this product is perfect for winter skin relief in Carmel, CA. Natural components include aloe, soybean oil, shea butter, beeswax, flower extracts, root extracts and citrus oil. The makers of Société’s Calming Relief Balm have blended nature’s finest to develop a balm that brings soothing relief to your skin when you need it most.

Look and feel your best

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