Professional Artistry Chairs Open in Carmel, CA

Professional Artistry Chairs Open in Carmel, CA

March 5, 2020

TOUCHÉ is committed to provide the best makeup artist space in Carmel, CA. That is why we offer chairs for rent so makeup artist jobs can be completed or practiced in a clean and professional setting. Whether you are new to makeup artistry or to space rental, it is important to know how to leverage success with this option. Here are five tips regarding space rental in a makeup studio:

  • Plan ahead: Renting artistry chairs offers financial value. You enjoy independence and take home most of your money after paying fees to the property owner. However, no-shows or a bad week could put you in the red very quickly if you do not plan ahead. Protect yourself by charging no-show fees and taking card numbers at the time you set an appointment. If you do not have a strong foundation of regular clients just yet, consider working from home or traveling to client homes or businesses before committing to a chair rental.
  • Maintain your skills: You are unlikely to attract and keep clientele if you do not assess your skills honestly. If you need to return to school for more study or require an update on the latest trends, make that time and financial investment. Otherwise, your venture may fail. It may also not be your time for being an independent makeup artist—find work in premier studios and spas and gain experience. Once you reach that point, you can likely move on to booth rental or even opening your own salon or spa.
  • Know your marketing: Every successful makeup artist should have an online portfolio of past work and a series of positive reviews. You can present the portfolio on a website or through Instagram or Facebook. Just be sure to secure your client’s permission first before sharing any pictures. Clients can submit reviews on a Facebook page or through Google reviews. If there is a negative review, address it online so potential clients see that you are willing to remedy mistakes. Most clients find service providers through online search engines, and when you have a following, those same clients will refer you to friends and family. All of that starts with a strong online presence.
  • Check your supplies: While booth rental provides many advantages, it only includes the chair—not the tools and supplies. Before you move out completely on your own, check your supplies and make sure you are fully stocked. This is especially true if you are transitioning from being an employee and benefit from the tools and supplies offered at your current studio.
  • Consider taking walk-ins: Many established makeup artists only perform their services on an appointment basis. However, if you are just starting out, this could be a good way to expand your clientele. Consider renting space for practice, but also be open to customers who are merely walking in. You can create many happy clients that way!

If you seek a makeup artist job in Carmel, CA, visit TOUCHÉ today and ask about our available artist chairs. We offer high-end facilities for seeing clients or practicing your technique. Reserve your chair by getting in touch with us today!

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