Rent a Chair and Join the TOUCHÉ Team

Rent a Chair and Join the TOUCHÉ Team

April 1, 2020

Building a career as a professional makeup artist is challenging, especially in a competitive market like California’s. If you don’t get started with a list of willing clients needing services as soon as possible, you end up working other jobs supporting your side gig as a makeup artist. That is why many choose to build up their clientele and hone their craft with makeup artist jobs in Carmel, CA.

The benefits of renting a chair at TOUCHÉ

Regardless of where you are in your career, you know how few makeup artist jobs in Carmel, CA are currently available. Finding reliable income as a freelance makeup artist is inconsistent and demands an exhaustive amount of marketing work, on top of your other responsibilities. Luckily, TOUCHÉ offers the best makeup artist rentals in Carmel, CA at reasonable prices:

  • Professional atmosphere: As a freelance makeup artist, it’s hard to set up a professional-looking studio space of your own where you can work with clients. Renting a chair at TOUCHÉ provides you with a stylish and luxurious setting to host your clients, with access to all of the amenities and equipment you need.
  • Ideal location: TOUCHÉ is located in the Barnyard Shopping Center, an easily accessible location with plenty of parking. Centrally located, clients don’t need to travel far to get to TOUCHÉ and benefit from your makeup artist services.
  • Established reputation: People call TOUCHÉ when they are looking for a makeup artist. Our reception staff matches each new client with one of our own artists. By renting a chair in our makeup art boutique, you can easily build a customer base.
  • Less investment: Setting up a salon, spa or studio is a costly endeavor that requires quite a bit of capital. Many makeup artists simply don’t have that kind of cash available. Instead of taking on debt to build your own business, partner with TOUCHÉ and get access to all of our resources.
  • Flexible schedule: We work with you to best accommodate your life when you rent a chair at TOUCHÉ. We’re open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week so you have the hours you need to meet with clients on your schedule.
  • Products galore: From cosmetics to skincare, TOUCHÉ stocks a wide range of professional-grade products. When you’re running around from client to client, it’s easy to forget the necessary supplies. With a chair at TOUCHÉ, everything you need is at your fingertips.
  • Legitimize your craft: Plenty of people can post pretty pictures on Instagram with their makeup done stunningly. It’s another thing to work with a range of different people creating fabulous looks for each and every one of them. A chair at TOUCHÉ elevates your status to professional makeup artist.

You have a lot of options for makeup artist jobs in Carmel, CA. Before you start spending your hard-earned money on a chair at any salon, spa or studio, visit TOUCHÉ today. We’d love to show you around and discuss opportunities for makeup artist rentals in Carmel, CA. Contact us today to learn more about our chair rental rates and how a job at TOUCHÉ is the stepping stone you need for your blossoming makeup artistry career.

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