Just Starting Out? Rent a Chair at TOUCHÉ Today!

Just Starting Out? Rent a Chair at TOUCHÉ Today!

May 28, 2020

As a professional makeup artist, renting a chair in Carmel, CA is a great way to launch your career and test your reception among new clients. There are many ways you can start off your professional foray into makeup artistry, but many experts and makeup veterans agree that renting a chair is an easier, more independent way to get started. Working at a salon or spa has its perks, but there’s something to be said for making your own schedule and controlling your own client list.

If you’re ready to start renting a chair as a professional makeup artist, there’s no better place to start out than TOUCHÉ—our high-end makeup and skincare salon is located in the Barnyard Shopping Center, offering plenty of drop-in and regular customers to help spread the word and build your portfolio.

Benefits of renting a professional makeup artist chair

If freedom and independence are at the top of your “must-have” list, renting a chair is often the best solution. This is especially smart for artists who have recently started in the makeup world and are balancing other obligations, like another job, school, parenthood or caring for loved ones. Most of us can’t drop everything to start a brand-new job on a new career path, so if you want to ease into a makeup artistry career or simply want to do it part-time, renting a chair offers you that freedom. You’ll set your own schedule, choose your own clients and set your own prices, so you’re able to work exactly as much as you need or want to, in order to make the money you need. Plus, you can take your clients with you if you ever need to leave.

You’ll also be able to run your own promotions, which means that not only will you benefit from working within an established salon with foot traffic and regular clients, but you can bring in your own traffic according to your social media and word of mouth.

Speaking of established salons, renting a chair can give clients that high-end experience they want when getting ready for a special event. Having artists come to your home is luxurious, of course, but many clients enjoy getting away from it all, relaxing in a salon chair and being taken care of before a big night out.

Of course, when you work as an independent makeup artist renting a chair, you’ll also have more responsibility—billing, taxes and accounting are your responsibility, and you’ll need to supply your own tools and makeup. Most of the business risks are your own to assume. However, most artists feel that a little extra time spent on accounting and advertising is more than a fair exchange for all the benefits they receive from renting a chair in an established salon.

Is renting a professional makeup artist chair in Carmel, CA right for you? TOUCHÉ has a makeup chair available for budding professionals in the area—call us today to find out more about what we can offer you.

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