Société's CoverShield Body SPF 27 Will Keep You Protected and Moisturized This Summer

Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27 Will Keep You Protected and Moisturized This Summer

May 1, 2020

Throughout your life, your skin is your first line of defense against dirt, disease and the threat of direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the older people get, the dryer and thinner their skin becomes. In other words, your first line of defense becomes more and more susceptible to harm. That means it becomes critical to add another layer of protection when you’re going to be out in the world. Sunscreen is one of the most potent weapons that we have in the fight against UV damage.

When you’re picking a sunscreen, however, it’s essential that you take special precautions to protect your face. Of course, the question remains: what is the best sunscreen for your face in Carmel, CA?

Why take special precautions for my face?

A lot of people operate under the assumption that sunscreen is sunscreen is sunscreen. That’s incorrect. Indeed, a sunscreen intended for your body will still protect your face from sun damage. Unfortunately, a body sunscreen may also cause harm to your skin.

In a lot of cases, facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on your body. As a result, sunscreen that is designed to cover your body often doesn’t take into account the delicate chemistry of your facial skin. Of course, that doesn’t mean we want to take the time and effort to apply a body sunscreen and then still have to hunt for the best moisturizer with SPF in Carmel, CA.

That’s where Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27 comes in.

Advanced sun protection

Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27 is designed for maximum protection, maximum comfort and maximum convenience. This ultra-creamy sun protectant prioritizes adding moisture to your skin as much as it does protecting it. It goes on smooth and serves even the most delicate skin types. Do you have reactive skin? Sensitive skin? Rosacea? Are you prone to acne?

Typical sunscreen will irritate people with skin conditions. Not Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27—this enhanced SPF moisturizer is so sensitive that it can be applied to post-surgical patients.

Don’t presume that Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27 lacks strength just because it soothes your skin. It offers effective SPF protection against the sun, free radicals and the ever-present threat of environmental pollutants.

Put your skin in our hands

At TOUCHÉ, we’re proud to carry a broad selection of the best sunscreen for your face in Carmel, CA, including the highly sought after CoverShield Body SPF 27 from Société. Of course, first-rate skin protection is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value that TOUCHÉ can bring to your life.

Since we opened our doors in 2016, TOUCHÉ has cultivated an atmosphere of artistry that enriches the lives of anyone who walks through our doors. We rent out space to makeup artists who practice their trade in an environment that rewards creativity and compels excellence.

Whether you’re planning for your next big event or you just want to spice up your Tuesday, make a call to TOUCHÉ. You won’t regret it.

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