Salon Chair Rentals Are a Stylist's BEST Investment

Salon Chair Rentals Are a Stylist’s BEST Investment

August 10, 2020

As a stylist and makeup artist, salon chair rental in Carmel, CA is the best way to start building your client list. If there’s one investment you should make when you’re freelancing, it’s renting a chair in an established salon. It affords you all the benefits of making your own schedule, running your own business and working with the clients you choose—but you also get the benefit of a luxurious surrounding space, a better chance of walk-ins and a great network of stylists.

Launch your business when you rent a chair with TOUCHÉ

Starting out as a makeup artist can be difficult when you’re on your own. Unless you already have an established client list that will follow you wherever you go (or when you come to them), it can be difficult to attract customers. Take advantage of working within a reputable salon by renting a chair—it’s not just a space to work in, it’s the key to looking and being successful.

At TOUCHÉ, we pride ourselves on a beautiful space, conveniently located in the Barnyard Shopping Center. We offer high-end makeup and skincare services for our established clients, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to attract walk-in customers, too. Elevate your business, whether you’re just starting out or have been working in the field for years, when you rent a chair with us.

Give your existing customers luxurious ambience

Why do people go to makeup artists and salons in general? It’s not just because you have a skill they may not possess—it’s also because they want the chance to get away from their everyday lives for a moment and have someone take care of them. Making house calls (or working from your own home) is convenient for some, but chances are, it won’t feel like the luxurious getaway that a salon appointment can.

Give your clients the comfort and the experience they crave with a salon chair rental in Carmel, CA.

Make your own rules with TOUCHÉ

Of course, you still get all the benefits of running your own business when you work with the team at TOUCHÉ. You’ll set your own schedule and prices, create or bring along your own client list and stay on top of your own business and financial records, all while saving money by not having to invest in a large space.

Another great benefit: you can run your own promotions when you rent a chair with TOUCHÉ. Whether you want to bring in new clients from social media, word of mouth or foot traffic from the shopping center, you have the power to make deals and lure in new people, rather than depending on a manager or corporate office to decide when it’s time to launch a promotion. We’ll help you hustle to meet all of your goals, all from a well-appointed space in beautiful Carmel.

Salon chair rental in Carmel, CA is one of the best ways to launch or elevate your career as a makeup artist. If you’re ready to work with TOUCHÉ, call us today to get started.

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