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Just Starting Out? Rent a Chair at TOUCHÉ Today!

May 28, 2020

As a professional makeup artist, renting a chair in Carmel, CA is a great way to launch your career and test your reception among new clients. There are many ways you can start off your professional foray into makeup artistry, but many experts and makeup veterans agree that renting a chair is an easier, more independent way to get started. Working at a salon or spa has its perks, but there’s something to be said for making your own schedule and controlling your own client list. If you’re ready to start renting a chair as a professional makeup artist, there’s... View Article

Why Choose Société Skincare?

May 15, 2020

There are hundreds of options when it comes to products to care for your skin. They run the gamut from extremely cheap to exorbitantly expensive. As the premier retailer of the best skincare lines in Carmel, CA, we at TOUCHÉ highly recommend the products offered by Société Skincare. Why good skincare matters We take our skin for granted. We’ve all heard that skin is the largest organ, but did you know it accounts for 15 percent of your overall body weight and covers 21 square feet in total? Your skin plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing. That... View Article

Société’s CoverShield Body SPF 27 Will Keep You Protected and Moisturized This Summer

May 1, 2020

Throughout your life, your skin is your first line of defense against dirt, disease and the threat of direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the older people get, the dryer and thinner their skin becomes. In other words, your first line of defense becomes more and more susceptible to harm. That means it becomes critical to add another layer of protection when you’re going to be out in the world. Sunscreen is one of the most potent weapons that we have in the fight against UV damage. When you’re picking a sunscreen, however, it’s essential that you take special precautions to protect your... View Article

Get Ready for Spring: Try Société’s Transforming Skin Complex

April 15, 2020

Spring is the season of rebirth. Flowers blossom and the world awakens from the dark, cold winter months. Warmer weather and longer days mean you are spending more time out in the sun, enjoying the great outdoors. To protect your skin and improve its overall look, you want to consider using the best face serum in Carmel, CA: Société’s Transforming Skin Complex. What is a face serum? In recent years, antioxidant facial serums in Carmel, CA have become increasingly popular. Celebrity makeup artists rave about the benefits of using a facial serum in all of the fashion and beauty magazines,... View Article

Rent a Chair and Join the TOUCHÉ Team

April 1, 2020

Building a career as a professional makeup artist is challenging, especially in a competitive market like California’s. If you don’t get started with a list of willing clients needing services as soon as possible, you end up working other jobs supporting your side gig as a makeup artist. That is why many choose to build up their clientele and hone their craft with makeup artist jobs in Carmel, CA. The benefits of renting a chair at TOUCHÉ Regardless of where you are in your career, you know how few makeup artist jobs in Carmel, CA are currently available. Finding reliable... View Article