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Give Your Face the Power of Vitamin C with SOCIÉTÉ Triple C Serum

March 19, 2020

One of the best elements for your face is vitamin C. It is among the most effective of available collagen boosting products, and offers soothing moisture for skin that needs it. One of the best products for vitamin C for your face is SOCIÉTÉ Triple C Serum, which is available at TOUCHÉ in Carmel, CA. Here are five benefits you will enjoy in a vitamin C skin care product: Works for all skin types: Vitamin C, and the Triple C Serum in particular, is known for providing antioxidants without skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you will not have... View Article

Professional Artistry Chairs Open in Carmel, CA

March 5, 2020

TOUCHÉ is committed to provide the best makeup artist space in Carmel, CA. That is why we offer chairs for rent so makeup artist jobs can be completed or practiced in a clean and professional setting. Whether you are new to makeup artistry or to space rental, it is important to know how to leverage success with this option. Here are five tips regarding space rental in a makeup studio: Plan ahead: Renting artistry chairs offers financial value. You enjoy independence and take home most of your money after paying fees to the property owner. However, no-shows or a bad... View Article

The Pros of Renting a Chair at TOUCHÉ

February 21, 2020

Want to be your own boss in Carmel, CA? As a makeup artist, the perfect opportunity awaits. Salon chair rental is the ideal solution to gain your independence and launch your entrepreneurial spirit. Not sure if this is the right choice for you and your career? Salon chair rental in Carmel, CA offers a host of benefits. Check out the following advantages you’ll enjoy if you choose to rent a chair at TOUCHÉ. Freedom As a chair renter, you are considered an independent contractor. Legally, this means you get to be in control of your own business. Many obligations that... View Article

Try Société’s Calming Relief Balm to Soothe Your Winter Skin Woes

February 7, 2020

Cold weather isn’t kind to our skin. When winter sets in, our bodies start to crave the moisture of warmer temperatures and hot, humid summer days. If you need winter skin relief, here’s one of the top sensitive skin products in Carmel, CA available today. When winter starts to get the best of your skin, simply stock up on Société’s Calming Relief Balm. Here’s how it works. Benefits of Société’s Calming Relief Balm This top product for winter skin relief in Carmel, CA offers a full range of benefits for your skin, including: Inflammation relief: The unique combination of ingredients... View Article

Advantages to Renting a Chair at TOUCHÉ

January 29, 2020

Are you a makeup artist who is ready to take their career to the next level? Maybe you’ve been working for a salon on commission and are ready to take home more of your earnings, or you’re a freelance makeup artist looking to set up shop in a semi-permanent location. The talented makeup artists at our salon have taken the leap to working for themselves by renting a chair at TOUCHÉ, and are eager to sing the praises of this exciting and potentially lucrative career move. If you’re a high-end makeup artist or professional esthetician in Carmel, CA, call us... View Article