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Are you a makeup artist looking for a place to practice your skills and hone your craft? A freelancer who needs a space to take clients and provide consults? Just setting out on your makeup artistry journey?

Touché welcomes makeup artists in Carmel, CA and offers chair rental at our store in the Barnyard Shopping Center. We give you a professional atmosphere where you can work comfortably, taking clients or practicing your skills. With affordable rates and plenty of flexibility, we promise you’ll love your time with us.

High-End, Professional Facilities

Why rent a chair at Touché? Because we provide you with the ideal space for practicing makeup artistry and taking clients! No matter your skill level, we aim to be a place where cosmetic professionals congregate and flourish.

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The Space You’ve Been Looking For

Tired of taking makeup appointments at home in your bathroom or on-site, without the proper amenities? Renting a chair at Touché is the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself as a professional! Set your hours, take appointments “in the studio” and enjoy the right amenities while you put your skills to work.

Renting a chair with us is the best way to legitimize yourself as a makeup artist, in both your own mind and the eyes of your clients!

TOUCHÉ has the “perfect powder puff room” for your client.

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Rent a Chair Today

Rent a chair and show your clients you’re a reputable artist or stop in to get familiar with the salon environment while you learn from other professional makeup artists in Carmel, CA. We promise facilities that are clean, well-kept and suitable for your needs.

If you’re practicing makeup artistry out of your home or constantly traveling to your clients’ locations, consider renting a chair at Touché.

Contact us today at (831) 313-4321 to ask about chair rental rates and availability. We’re excited to work alongside you and can’t wait to see you flourish and succeed as a makeup artist!

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